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    Log4J + Clustering Configuration

    Angelo Immediata Newbie

      Hi all. I have two question to do...
      1) Hon can i set the log4j.xml file in order to write a log file for my application; i.e. i want to write a log file: myApp.log in one of these directory:
      ${jboss.server.home.dir}/log or in the directory ${myApp.dir}/WEB-INF/log
      how can i do?

      2) Let's consider i have two pc with JBoss on... let's consider them clustered... are all JBoss instances synchronized? I.E: i have some configuration file on a pc with JBoss.. then i have another pc with JBoss on... will all pc one configuration files be codpied on the other one? Or must i copy them?

      Thanks to all