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    Cannot find the posts I wrote before the website redesign

    Joan Horta  Tosas Novice

      Before the website redesign I wrote some posts trying to help people with their problems, but after the redesign, when I follow the "View your posts" link, I see none (well, now I see one that I created on the Test Forum), and if I make a search by author (and write my nick) I also cannot see any.
      Did you also changed the database you use to store the forums? I ask this because I know my posts haven't disappeared (because using the "Watched Topics" links, I can see them). If so, maybe the problem is that you didn't regenerate the indexes with the previous posts when you migrated the data... (just a suposition, but not sure ;-)
      Oh, I nearly forgot it :-P. I have another problem... When I try to stop watching a topic (checking the checkbox next to a topic on the "Watched Topics" section and clicking on "Stop watching"), nothings happens, that is, the topics still appear as being watched (I have this problem with pre- and post-redesign topics, so I think it's not related with the other problem I explained...).
      Well, thanks in advance for any reply.