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    Strange Problem

    Khaleel Mohamed Newbie

      Just recently started using JBoss, and I am having a problem with my servlets. I have an application which uses Struts, on the JBoss 4.yy.yy server (latest version). When I make a call to my struts servlet, the session blocks, until I hit ctrl + c on the main JBoss execution window. Once I hit ctrl + c then the request is executed. I am not sure if the execution is being blocked or where to start looking. It seems to exist on certain calls. I would appreciate any help.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Tim Morrow Newbie

          When you say "main JBoss execution window", do you mean a console window displaying output?

          Are you running this on Windows? Are you sure you aren't clicking your mouse in the console window, thus causing it to enter "Select" mode? When in Select mode, it will block. Pressing Escape, CTRL+C or almost any other key takes it out of select mode.

          Just a thought.


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            Khaleel Mohamed Newbie


            Thanks a lot for your reply, Yes I do mean a console window displaying output, and I am running in a windows environment. I did not know about the select Mode. It is quite possible, that I have been running in select mode. Is there some place where I can read more on the select mode? You have been a big Help, thanks alot.


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              Khaleel Mohamed Newbie

              As you can tell, I am a newbie. I did follow Tim's advice, and yes I was running in select Mode. I did a couple of test, and it works fine now. Just to confirm "I was running in select Mode"

              Thanks again