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    Application Client Container Usage (application-client.xml)?

    Aaron Harshbarger Newbie

      Is there any in depth documentation on the usage of the Application Client within JBoss? I am currently looking at using JBoss 4.x. Basically, I have a need to have a standalone Java Application that is dependent on a newly created J2EE based application (JSP, Servlets, EJB, etc) that runs within JBoss. The standalone application will need to utilize EJB (SB and MDB) and well as be a JMS MessageListener (JBossMQ). The messages sent to the MDB by the client will need to be durable (guaranteed).

      Is there really any benefit of using the Application Client container (application-client.xml) for the standalones? I have been trying to research what the benefit would be versus just doing it the old way. Are there any 'Cons' to using the Client Container approach (i.e. ties you to a specific vendor, etc).

      Any help or references to some documentation/articles on the subject would be GREATLY appreciated.