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    Crystal Report Configuration more q????

    christina ku Newbie

      i got a question here... i am now trying to display a sample crystal report (.rpt) on my application. It isn't web based.. it's just a simple java application. i try to call the report and display it using ReportViewerBean which is a viewer in package :


      ReportViewerBean b = new ReportViewerBean(); b.setReportName("http://localhost:8080/?report=file:c:/SAMPLE_REPORTS/BalanceSheet.rpt");
      //Specify the Username n' Password of your Database. Say,you are connecting to Oracle DataBase with UserName = username,Password : password and Host String : JAVA

      b.setShowGroupTree(false);// Set Show Group Tree to False
      b.init();//Show the Frame

      it needs a url for the report location and i figure i need to put the report on a server.. currently, i am connecting to a jboss server to save and retrieve database data from mysql.

      do i put the report in the directories like suz did as well as all the crystal jars file? (jboss/server/all/view)and when my java application runs, (it's an applet actually) i just click "view report" for eg, and it will connect to jboss and jboss will noe wat i am requesting? i dun need to specify any paths rite? coz the report is already in the ../view dir as stated in the CrystalReportEngine-config.xml?

      currently, i am specifying it to the c: drive.. which is not working..

      i got lotsa questions on this.. quite a headache actually coz i am new to jboss... thanx in advance..