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    Finder question

    Pieter Pareit Newbie

      I am trying to choose between AspectJ and Javassist as testing tools in my company. Javassist seems to me more straightforward, and I lean towards it, but there are some utility functionality that is harder to implement in Javassist. For instance, I cannot use System.out.println for printing out tested method's arguments or local variables because the instrumented classes are running in appserver container or because of some other reason... I need to user FileWriter to create test logs. I was trying to create logging method with CtNewMethod.make(..), and my instrumentor class compiles fine, but when I run it against class to be instrumented I get
      Exception in thread "main" javassist.CannotCompileException: [source error] no such class: FileWriter
      at javassist.CtNewMethod.make(CtNewMethod.java:78)
      at javassist.CtNewMethod.make(CtNewMethod.java:44)
      at TestWriteClass.main(TestWriteClass.java:34)
      Caused by: compile error: no such class: FileWriter

      Could anyone please point me into the direction of where I can find a code snippet showing how to do it right?

      Thanks a lot!