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    Please help with ZEN of Jboss for dedicated newbie/student

    Wiley Snyder Newbie

      Hello sir/madam,

      I'm getting there with my default install of jboss 3.2.6 . So far my posts have gone unasnwered and this has actually helped me figure out for myself the problems therefore making me stronger in knowledge but I cannot seem to figure one thing now and have hit a brick wall.

      I've secured the jmx-console, web-console and have disabled the hypersonic database, although it looks like it was already somewhat disabled ( I changed the default login, password )

      I've been using tomcat for years as a "program" developer for years, never as a system admin or linux user. I've finally decided to flush my MS down the toilet anyway, I cannot seem to figure out how to on /mysite:8080 how to disable the tomcat status link. I feel this would be a security issue? Am I wrong? I noticed lots of tutorials on securing the jmx-console and web-console which I have done but the tomcat status is worrying me and I would really appreciate someone to help me secure this area.

      Thank you
      -B Wiley