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    DWR and RichFaces

    Will Norman Newbie

      Can you use both DWR and RichFaces in the same application.

      I am trying to port an existing app to RichFaces. I have gotten everything but the pages that utilize DWR working. When I click on the link that would navigate to the page the broser progress bar goes about half way and then stalls, and the browser does nothing.

      Has anyone had any luck getting the two frameworks (DWR & Ajax4Jsf) running along side one another?



      MyFaces JSF impl 1.1.3
      Tomahawk 1.1.3 (all we use is the FileUpload)
      Facelets (Tomahawk)
      Tomcat 6.0
      Acegi 1.0
      RichFaces 3.1.0
      DWR 1.1.1