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    Deploying of Adobe FormManager

    Patrick Mittelbach Newbie


      I hope somebody can help me solving a very big problem with JBoss.
      We bought the J2EE Application Adobe Form Manager 6 to
      deploy eForms to the Acrobat Reader clients in our enterprise
      to reduce the costs of paper and printing.

      The installation manual says the application is runable on IBM
      WebSphere Application Server V 5.1 and JBoss 3.2.2 Application
      Server. But there are only instructions for WebSphere and we
      are not able to deploy it on JBoss.

      Maybe it helps I explain the procedure on WebSphere.

      We make a Installation with the adobe-FormManager.exe. It decompress
      many files







      - many *.dll and one *.bsl

      After we have installed WebSphere we have to change into
      C:\programs\WebSphere\AppServer\installedApps and
      have to create a folder "svcNatives" and copy all the *.dll
      into it. After that we have to copy all the *.war and the *.ear
      into the folder AppServer\installableApps. At the end we have
      to copy the *.jar from \idp\lib into AppServer\lib.

      Then we start WebSphere and log into the admin-console.
      There is a menu "Install new Enterprise Applications" we choose.
      Then you only have to select the local path of one *.war and click
      deploy and so on. At last we make this with the *.ear.

      That was all. It works fine.

      We have no experience with JBoss and are not able to deploy the

      Can anybody help me?