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    dataScroller styling

    Piotr Piwko Newbie

      I have read http://labs.jboss.com/file-access/default/members/jbossrichfaces/freezone/docs/devguide/en/html/RichFacesComponentsLibrary.html
      and I still can't make CSS working. I need just one small example. I tried

      <rich:datascroller for="auctions" maxPages="10" rendered="#{auctions.rowCount>0}" styleClass="rich-dtascroller-table" />

      .rich-dtascroller-table {
      background-color: #ffffff;
      additionalBackgroundColor: #ffffff;
      color: #ffffff;
      headerBackgroundColor: #ffffff;

      and only thing that changes to white colour are >> and >>>> buttons.

      Could anybody give me sample of code how to use: Rich-datascr-button or rich-dtascroller-table, a clue what I am doing wrong.

      Thanks in advance

      BTW: the names on datascroller screenshot and in tables are diffrent (uppercase and lowercase).

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          first, you do not need to have styleClass="rich-dtascroller-table" as soon it is already there.

          if you use pre-defined class names, the css rules will be applied on each data scroller located on the same page if you have more then one

          You can define your own style class with styleClass. For example, styleClass="myCool-dataScroller"

          If you have only one data scroller on the page or you have more then one, you can use predefined stile classes.
          For doing it, you should do nothing (nothing like styleClass), but just say:

          .rich-datascr-button {

          and the active scroller buttons become red

          if you say:
          .rich-datascr-inact {

          the top line under the page number becomes green.

          and so on.

          if you define nothing, the colors and other parameters are taken from the current skin.

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            Sergey Smirnov Master


            "oblivion1200" wrote:

            BTW: the names on datascroller screenshot and in tables are diffrent (uppercase and lowercase).

            "Special thanks" to Microsoft Word and tech writers who did not care.

            predefined classes name should be in lowercase.

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              Piotr Piwko Newbie

              Thank you Sergey for your help. Now it is all clear for me and works :). I think it could be useful to place small example of usage in docs.

              Rich faces are great! They just works and are so easy to use. I also tried Ice Faces but have so many problems when started to using them.

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                Svetlana Mukhina Newbie

                Sergey, tech writers are really care about classes names and aware of the problem. We have already fixed names for some components and continue working on it.