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    JBoss IDE .. Please Help !!

    Vijay V Newbie

      have successfully installed JBoss Application Server (4.0.0). I am already running two applications on JBoss AS (4.0.0). I exported couple of .EAR files from existing IBM WebSphere and deployed them into the /server/default directory of JBoss AS. I made some tweaks and both the applications are up and running. Thanks to JBoss.

      Now this is what I need: I need an IDE to write/compile Java Servlet and JSP source code etc for further enhancement to the above mentioned two applications. I have downloaded JBoss IDE 1.3 and not sure how to install it. The documentation talk about using Eclipse to install it.

      Do I need to install Eclipse first to install JBoss IDE? No other way to install JBoss IDE?

      I tried to install Eclipse and I am getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory error when I try to run eclipse.exe. I have a jdk 1.5.0 installed. Am I missing anything here?

      Please help!!!!!!!!!!