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    JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server

    Ramla Abbasi Newbie

      Does Jboss 3.2.5 comes with a jdbc driver for Ms sql server or i'll have to use third party drivers like microsoft or JtDs???Where i can find about all configurations needed for jboss 3..25? havefound a tutorail taht works for jboss 2.0. Please Reply urgently ....

        • 1. XDoclet, Packaging and version control
          Ramla Abbasi Newbie


          I have mixed feelings about the XDoclet and packaging support provided by JBoss-IDE. On the one hand, it's a great personal productivity enhancer. On the other hand, I can't see how to leverage these facilities in a team development environment.

          The first issue I have is I'd like to be able to build the project clean from the command line using ANT. That means no IDE-specific dependencies and no IDE-specific files should be checked into version control.

          Unfortunately, it seems you can't work with the xdoclet-build.xml and packaging-build.xml files directly because they are dynamically regenerated from hidden .xdoclet and .packaging files. If you check in your source and the XML files from one IDE and check out to another, your xdoclet.xml and packaging.xml files are useless, because they hard code the environment of the original IDE in terms of JAR file locations etc. You are also unable to regenerate them from the new IDE because you don't have the .xdoclet and .packaging files and, even if you did, they would not necessarity match the new environment. Asking each developer to create their own xdoclet and packaging configurations in their IDE seems to be unreasonable, unnecessary and fraught with danger.

          The second issue I have is naming conventions. Since a command-line build process requires a compile, as well as xdoclet and packaging operations, you need to build a wrapper build.xml, which provides the compile task and imports xdoclet.xml and packaging.xml for the other stuff. Unfortunately, since both xdoclet.xml and packaging.xml define a task named "_generation_", the order of import becomes an issue. Whichever file is imported first assumes the default task name of "_generation_". the second becomes "Packaging Generator._generation" or "XDoclet Generator,_generation_". If this default behavior varies from version to version of ANT, then the team is in trouble. It would be much more manageable if the XDoclet and Packging configuration processes would support user-definable task names so that import order becomes irrelevant.

          Does anyone out there have information that I may have missed or success stories/recommendations that they could pass on to improve the viability of the JBoss-IDE feature set in a production-grade team development environment?


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            Juha Lindfors Master

            MS SQL drivers are not included in the distribution.

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              David Salter Novice

              I'd recommend the jTDS drivers for SQL Server http://jtds.sourceforge.net/. Just put them in the server/default/lib directory (if you are using the default installation. If not, replace default with the appropriate directory).