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    susan crystal Newbie

      Does anyone know of a good tutorial for absolute beginners on how to set up, and use axis? I am a frustrated beginner on this subject. I have spent many hours on the internet and in book stores trying to find a work written for the true beginner.

      Many sources i have found claim to be beginner but are nothing more than manuals for the already familiar. I literally need and i am certain many others, a guide, a tutorial that starts from the beginning and shows you exactly what to type and were to type. This guide would assume nothing of what you already know. It starts from the beginning, like the word beginning means.

      Many of the so called beginning tutorials i have found start from middle and dont talk about how to set up axis and launch into a complicated math example designed to show you how it works when your all your left with behind is stumbleing over the complicated example itself instead of how axis works.

      We need someone form the community who is smart enough not only to understand axis but also be adept at being able to explain it and how it
      works to the laymen.

      We must be able to begin at the first step before we can take the next.

      The vast majority of the material written on this subject calls itself beginner, but begins on the hundered step. Even apache.org own documentation as well as JBoss is filled with half explainations, and assumtions that just end up bearing you in 100 different aconyms that dont mean anything to you and complicated examples.

      We need just a simple and i mean simple Hello World program to show us what and were things go. No complicated Fibinoci Seqence or mapping of molecular matrix is going to help us inderstand how the very basics and understanding of this thing works.

      Please a ver, very simple Hello World to help us get started.

      Thank you.

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          jason peterson Newbie

          I agree on many points of it being over complicated. It almost seems if they make complicated on purpose.

          I also am a beginner in web services, and have had friends warn me about studying SOAP and how difficult it is to get a grasp on in the beginning.

          I have also done the searches on internet and found the same thing. Just made far too complicated for a beginner. No one seems to want to bring it down to a beginners level.

          I tried the Dukes Bank example off of J2EE tutroial and WOW talk about barying you in the example. Way too complicated to just get the general workings. Needless to say after doing exaclty what they say WAM! 11 errors poped up right away and i have absolutly no idea what is wrong because the example is too complicated, and wadeing thru the complicated example is an exercise in itself.

          Well good luck empress101 ..if you hear of anything, like good tutorial please email me


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            Elias Ross Master

            I agree that pretty much every example out there is full of bullshit.

            If you're creating a web service, here are the steps I use:

            1. Create a Java class to handle the requests. It should have a no-arg constructor. Each public method becomes a web service method.

            2. Create a deploy.wsdd document:

             <service name="ManagementWS" provider="java:RPC">
             <parameter name="className" value="com.nm.SqlManager"/>
             <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*"/>
             <!-- Uses and synchronizes on one instance -->
             <parameter name="scope" value="Application"/>

            3. Generate a server-config.wsdd using the Admin tool using ant:
            <java classname="org.apache.axis.utils.Admin" fork="true" dir="conf">
             <classpath refid="axis.class.path"/>
             <classpath refid="jboss.class.path"/>
             <classpath refid="package.class.path"/>
             <arg value="server"/>
             <arg value="deploy.wsdd"/>

            4. Add AxisServlet to your web.xml
             <display-name>Apache-Axis Servlet</display-name>

            5. Copy server-config.wsdd to the WEB-INF directory of your .war file.

            6. Copy jboss-net.sar to your server/default/deploy directory if you're using the default install. (This will add axis .jar files to your classpath.)

            Through your web browser, you should be able to see the AxisServlet. It'll print out that your service is installed. You're just halfway there. Then you simply write a client, which is a bit easier...

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              susan crystal Newbie

              Well after wading thru the mountains of cra... about this subject i am not really that much further. I still come across way too complicated examples and a epidemic of over complicated explainations.

              Why is it so hard for them to just explain in plain english(no 50+ acronyms that dont mean anything to us beginners) a simple Hello World program.

              I did find a few but they neglect to tell you were you are to place the files and were you are to excute the commands the java.org.ect....

              One that many sites point to attemps to show you, but its on a linux machine and I use Windows as i blieve the majority of people do. Plus it is out of date.

              What are the parts of the services, accroding to some sources i found you need up to 10 different kinds of files to make it work others only talk about 3? no one can agree.

              All i want to get started so i can understand basic basic working is a simple hello world example. I would need a client.java sits on client computer, a descriptor which tells the server how to handle the request? and the java file that does the work from the request? both the descripter and java file that does work sit on the server?but were on jboss what folder do they go into? were on the client do i place the requester java file?

              I am using Jboss 4.0.0RC2 ( i picked it because axis is built in. I can get the nice happyness page to pop up and it tells me all jars are found)

              any help appreciated