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    JBossAOP Metadata Question

    Sushma Murthy Newbie


      I'm able to obtain the metadata (defined in jboss-aop.xml) only in case of MethodInvocation.

      For ConstructorCalledByConstructorInvocation, ConstructorCalledByMethodInvocation, MethodCalledByMethodInvocation, I'm not able to get the metadata.

      Why isn't the metadata getting picked up for the above mentioned invocations?

      I looked into the jboss-aop sources, and found that in MethodInvocation.java, getMetadata method, if the threadlocal variable returns a null value for the metadata, we try and get the metadata from the ClassAdvisor.

      In case of ConstructorCalledByConstructorInvocation, no such attempt is made. If the threadlocal variable returns a null value for the metadata, the same is returned from the getMetadata method. Is there a specific reason for doing so?

      Can anyone throw some light on this please?
      (I'm using JBossAOP 1.0 Final)

      Here is how i'm defining the metadata in jboss-aop.xml

      <metadata tag="mname" class="xyz">
      <method expr="void send(boolean)">
      <metadata tag="mname" class="abc">
       <constructor expr="abc(byte\[\], boolean)">
      <!-- MethodCalledByMethodInvocation -->
      <bind pointcut="withincode(public void xyz->send()) AND call(* xyz->send(boolean))">
      <interceptor class="TestMetricsInterceptor"/>
      <!-- ConstructorCalledByMethodInvocation -->
      <bind pointcut="call(public abc->new(..))">
      <interceptor class="TestMetricsInterceptor"/>

      The invoke() of interceptor where I'm trying to get the meta-data is:

      public Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Throwable {
       InvocationBase invocationBase = (InvocationBase) invocation;
       System.out.println("Metadata ******** " + invocation.getMetaData("mname", "method_name"));

      Only if the invocation is of type MethodInvocation, I'm able to get a valid metadata. For the other invocations, I get metadata as null.