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    Jboss 4.x seperate class loaders?

    Robert Hook Newbie

      I get the feeling that this is a simple thing to resolve, but I cannot easily find the solution in the documentation.

      We will have multiple web applications running in a single jboss installation. They are all internal products, for internal use at this stage. The applications are bundled in EAR, they use various third party libs (including Jakarta Commons and iBatis), and all of our own classes are in similar name spaces (ie rooted in au.com.hpa). We are working from inside Jbuilder 2005

      The problem is this: we want the contents of each EAR to be loaded completely independently of all other EAR, while still potentially accessing classes that are in the {server}/lib directory.

      Inside the EAR I have altered jboss-app.xml to read (for example for on EAR)

      <jboss-app> <loader-repository>hpa.com.au:loader=AuthServerApp.ear</loader-repository>

      however doing this causes exceptions at deploy time:

      ReflectionException: Cannot find setter method setDocBase null Cause: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.apache.commons.modeler.BaseModelMBean.setDocBase(java.lang.String)

      which suggests that classloading is breaking horribly, or classes that are in the classpath for JBoss are no longer visible. Any advise is welcomed.