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    Transaction Error

    anand malu Newbie

      I am using Jboss 4.0 with Hibernate 2.7.

      In my application I have three stateless session ejb's configured and everything works fine except .. when one of my stateless session ejb runs a query which for some reasons takes long time (8 mins or so). But then I get the following error.

      Error --
      16:15:37,328 WARN [TransactionImpl] Transaction TransactionImpl:XidImpl[FormatId=257, GlobalId=CHI-MALUA/19, BranchQual=, localId=19] timed out. status=STATUS_ACTIVE
      Error --

      After this error ... I the server kind of fails and I get hibernate error

      13:23:01,218 INFO [STDOUT] net.sf.hibernate.TransactionException: could not register synchronization with JTA TransactionManager
      at net.sf.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.connect(SessionImpl.java:3357)

      Can anybody point to me for some directions as I am trying to solve this problem and explored at all possibilites for couple of days.