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    Need help convincing company to use Java/J2EE to implement s

    Steven Langlois Newbie

      Getting some resistance from people without much experience with Java technology. I am recommending Java with J2EE (JBOSS to be specific) however people are concerned about stability of JREs, scalability, and the host machine performance requirements because of past "bad experiences".

      I know it might be difficult to believe but true. So I am looking for some references of companies who have successfully implement NMS server side with Java/JBOSS to monitor and configure enterprise equipment like switches, routers, and access points. The server will need to handle thousands of devices.

      So, if you work for a company that makes enterprise equipment and have used JBOSS to implement server side management of that equipment, it would be great to here your experience.

      People here are suggesting using C or C++ for server side development.


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          Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

          We have used JBoss basically for controlling satellite broadact equipment for digital tv. Usually the problem lied in stability of software runing on equipment itself.

          There are several factory you want to consider before making your decision:
          You are not allowed to use native code in J2EE;
          You won't have to deal with most multithreading issues you normally will encounter (and you don't use synchronised calles);
          If you want to implement on server side on C/C++ (I suggest windows platform?) take into account that with high load of your server you might hit cap on number of open ports on windows platform (because of that JBoss on linux 500MHz linux pc 'outperformed' JBoss on 2.6MHz windows pc).

          Correct me if I am wrong.