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    Problem in IE7 with richfaces 3.1

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice


      I have a project that works with ajax4jsf and richfaces.
      I have been using a4j 1.1.1 and rich 3.0.1, until the recent release of rich arrived, so i decided to switch to the new implementation

      All my application was ok when working with firefox wich is the only browser i usually use; but some of my lusers work with IE7 and then problems came.

      this piece of code:

      <body onload="setNavTreeHeight(); menuModulesScript(); menuItemsScript();">
       <a4j:form id="navForm">
       <a4j:jsFunction id="menuModulesFunction" data="#{userDataManager.menuModules}" actionListener="#{userDataManager.menuModulesActionListener}" name="menuModulesScript" oncomplete="initModules(data);" />
       <a4j:jsFunction id="menuItemsFunction" data="#{userDataManager.menuItems}" actionListener="#{userDataManager.menuItemsActionListener}" name="menuItemsScript" oncomplete="initGlobalVariables(data);" />

      Does not work on IE at all; when the page onload is executed, a javascript error appears saying that data does not exists. that means that the a4j:jsFunction component is not giving me the data value of the function and all my javascript crashes

      The problem is solved if i get rid of the 3.1 libraries and going back to a4j 1.1 and rich 3.0; but i need some components of rich 3.1 in another part of my applications and all is getting really mixed up

      I need an urgent solution because i have production applications working with two different versions of rich and is really complicated to maintain such a mess

      This is my environment
      - JBoss 4.0.5
      - MyFaces 1.1.4 (wich comes with JBoss)

      Thanks a lot