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    JBoss not J2EE compliant with jndi-name

    John Vandale Newbie

      I deployed the JBossDukesBank.ear I built using the JBoss getting started tutorial. After doing this the names listed in the global JNDI namespace are the bean names not the names specified as jndi-name in the jboss.xml. For example:


      The JMX Console ->JNDIView ->list() under GlobalJNDI Namespace shows:

      +- local (class: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext)
      | +- CustomerBean (proxy: $Proxy54 implements interface com.sun.ebank.ejb.customer.CustomerHome)

      MyCustomer does not appear anywhere on that JNDIView list() page

      JBoss appears to ignore the information in the jndi-name tag. I have seen this problem with my own applications as well. I've posted this twice but have yet to get an answer. There must be a simple explanation.