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    Can't run Duke's Bank application

    Gyounghwa Kim Newbie

      I tried to run Duke's Bank application. I downloaded all the necessary files and installed all the tools and ran ant jboss-build.xml script. I followed instructions on Chapter 4. The Duke?s Bank Application on Getting Started with JBoss 4.0 documentation. I checked all the java class files, ejb, and I saw JBossDukeBank.ear file in the deploy directory. I also could run the standalone application using ant -f jboss-build.xml run-client command.
      However, I COULD NOT RUN THE APPLICATION FROM THE WEB. When I type the url ( http://ip:8080/bank/main ), it doesn't do anything or show anything.

      Can someone help me how to run the Duke's Bank application?

      Before I successfully ran helloWorld.jsp after I made examples.war directory and WEB-INF directory and .xml files under that.

      I appreciate the help in advance.