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    Stopping ear seems to fail

    Markus Ydkvist Newbie

      Im using JBossIDE to generate ear, and deploy to server. I'm having the most annoying error. When I fail to deploy an ear, due to some errors in dd's or similar, the ear-deployer service seems to "lock" that url (the name of the ear basically), and when I later on redeploy a new version of the ear, I get a javax.management.InstanceAlreadyExistsException. If I try to undeploy it first (to unlock that url??), I get: "ignoring request to stop non-existing service", but looking at the jmx-console, I sure can see my ear's url bound. I must be doing something very bad here, this just came to me yesterday (have had jboss running fine for a month). I even reinstalled the intire AS. No change!!

      Is there a difference in how deployment is done from JBoss IDE regarding manually copying the file to /deploy ??