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    Richfaces.showModalPanel not working ok in 3.1 (oct1 snapsho

    henrik lindberg Apprentice

      After upgrading to 3.1 (sept 24) snapshot some things that worked on 3.0 stopped working.

      One of the problems is that a modal panel does not appear.
      Her is the code that triggers the opening of the modal panel:

       disabled="#{not userSpaces.adminOnSelectedSpace}"
       value="Add Invitation"
       rendered="#{not empty selectedSpace and not selectedSpace.personal}"
       reRender="addInvite, invite_list, paginator4"
       oncomplete="checkedModalPopup('addInvite', true);"

      I see in my debugger that I get the call to the action 'selectSpace' in java.
      If I replace the call to "checkedModalPopup" with a window.alert I can see that the oncomplete is triggered.

      The checkedModalPopup is a simple wrapper function for Richfaces.showModalPanel allowing me to conveniently set a breakpoint the js code using Firebug. (The checkedModalPopup is declared in the head of the page).

      If I run the page without debugging js in Firebug, the modal does not appear. If I instead set a breakpoint, and just continue, then the modal still does not appear.

      If I singlestep through the Richfaces modal popup code (for a while) then the modal appears!

      It is enough to step over the entire Richfaces.showModalPanel to make the modal appear!

      For me this is an urgent and blocking issue, and I very much appreciate help in getting this fixed.