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    JSP and Servlet on JBoss


      Is it possible that we will deploy simple JSP/Servlet and JavaBeans based application on JBoss. I know we can use Tomcat as well. But we have to use EJB and JBoss but in the initial iterations we like to develop simple JSP/Servlet based application deploy over JBoss.

      So Could you please tell me Is it Possible and If Yes then What are the differences of Configuration and deployment as compared to Tomcat.

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          It is possible since JBOSS is bundled with Apache Tomcat.

          You have no significant differences using Tomcat standalone or Tomcat inside JBoss.

          Deployment process might be a little different. In JBOSS, you'd only need to drop your WAR file in the deploy directory and that's it. In Tomcat, you'd need to USE Tomcat Administrator (or was it Tomcat Manager) to do so.

          There is also an extra (and optional) configuration file called jboss-web.xml if you deploy a web application in JBoss' Tomcat. You should take a look if you are interested.

          And there is neither Tomcat Administration web application no Tomcat Manager web application in JBoss.

          Hope this helps.

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            Can you please tell me in which folder of JBoss (or internal tomcat) i have to put war file. And do i need to put only jsp or servlet as well in war file.

            waiting for reply.


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              Assuming you started JBoss with the run script and did not pass in any arguments your war file goes in the folder '{jboss.home}/server/default/deploy'

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                Yes, as darranl stated,


                would be the directory to place the WAR file.

                In the WAR file, you should put your "jsp" files and servlet classes. Just like you would in a TOMCAT WAR file.

                If you need more info on how to do this, check TOMCAT web site: http://jakarta.apache.org