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    jboss-client.xml  - where do I put it.

    peake Newbie

      Where does this file actually go to get deployed?
      In the reference:

      It explains the concept fully and some of the details, but I am confused about where does this file actaully go to get deployed.
      ear? And it also mentions the application-client.xml descriptor. Is this separate and distinct from the first file?
      Is it a separate deployable object?

      Seems my initially problem is addressed by the wiki, but I am stumbling on the actual implementation of the solution.


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          Scott Stark Master


          ... in the META-INF/jboss-client.xml descriptor of the application client jar ...

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            peake Newbie

            Sorry for the unclear question.

            That is good information and I appreciate it but I guess I did not ask a clear question: I am doing that, but how in the world would that register a JNDI environment??

            I'm getting this:
            javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: importer-client not bound
            So, it is finding it on client side, but cannot resolve it.
            Isn't that correct?

            So, my jboss-client.xml names it 'importer-client'. But that is the client asking for something that is 'registered' how?????


            <!-- EJB References -->
            ............................. more

            The same same article/wiki says this:
            " defined in the standard application-client.xml"

            I have ears and ejb jars.
            Do I need to have some other deployment descriptor to register this?
            I am guessing yes.

            any article doc would be appreciated.