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    rich:simpleTogglePanel misses first click

    Stuart Millard Newbie

      This has been addressed in other posts but I don't know of a solution.
      My rich:simpleTogglePanel panel is inside a rich:dataTable and often fails to expand or collapse the panel. If I add an onclick or an actionListener to the panel, these are always called but for some reason the panel collapse/expand is intermittent.

      Does anyone have a solution?


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          Stuart Millard Newbie

          This togglePanel appears in a colum of a rich dataTable and itself contains a subtable.

          <rich:simpleTogglePanel actionListener="#{failedXMLDataBean.populateMessageDetails}"
          opened="false" switchType="ajax"
          <a4j:actionparam name="transId" value="#{tableitem.transactionId}" />
          <rich:subTable id="subtable" value="#{failedXMLDataBean.messageDetails}" var="subtableitem"
          ...numerous data columns...
          <f:facet name="header">
          <h:outputText value="Originating XML" />
          <%--open up the corresponding xml in a modalpanel--%>
          <a4j:commandButton value="Select: #{tableitem.transactionId}"
          <a4j:actionparam name="empNo" value="#{tableitem.employeeNumber}" />