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    Could not dereference object

    Salvador Gimeno Zanón Newbie

      After following the JBoss-IDE tutorial, I'm trying to do a similar project of my own. Problem is, when I try to call my session bean from a servlet, I get a "Could not dereference object" error.
      I'm pretty sure it must be a silly mistake, but I can't seem to find what it is :(.

      Could anybody hint me as to where I should look, or what I should check, to find where the error comes from?

      The code that gives me the error is quite simple:

      Context context = new InitialContext();
      Object ref = context.lookup("java:/comp/env/ejb/Eventos");
      home = (EventosHome) PortableRemoteObject.narrow(ref, EventosHome.class);

      Any help would be appreciated!