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    Problem with Duke' Bank example

    Maximiliano Valin Newbie

      Hi, I`m a beginner in JBoss and a Java, for to begin I read the "Getting Started with JBoss" in this tutorial there is an example of Duke' Bank, I follow all steps, but in the file jboss-build.xml there is a tag with the jar JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib/javax.servlet.jar, but this file doesn't exists in this directory, and anyone directory.

      Ant tool use this file to compile and raise a following error:
      [javac] j2eetutorial\bank\src\com\sun\ebank\web\ContextListener.java
      :13: package javax.servlet does not exist
      [javac] import javax.servlet.ServletContext;
      [javac] ^
      and many others similar errors, I think those errors raise becouse javax.servlet.jar file doesn't exists.

      Where do I get this file?
      My installation of JBoss-3.2.5 is incorrect?
      What do I do?

      Thanks, and I'm sorry for my english, I'm spanish speaker.