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    Hibernate perfomance degraded when deployed in JBoss

    Maciej Walasek Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have got a problem with my web container application. It is Tapestry (3.0)+Hibernate (2.1.6) one, all packed in .war file. When deployed in Tomcat 5.5 it works perfectly. When I deploy almost the same .war (in fact with additional jboss-web.xml file to map data sources, minus hibernate2.jar) in JBoss, it still works, but the performance is drastically degraded. I was able to isolate the place where the difference is. It happens in Query.list() method (In JBoss lasts almost ten times longer). I use the same Hibernate (2.1.6) in both situations; INFO entries displayed on the Tomcat and JBoss console show the same settings. What can be the reason for that??

      Thanks in advance