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    Managing web Applications

    Mark k Newbie

      Forgive my terminology but Im new to Enterprise Java. I have been asked to find out about managing and monitoring an Extranet system that is made up of JSP and Servlets that connect to an Oracle 9 DB.

      It currently uses a standalone tomcat Server with a WAR file being built and deployed through the tomcat manager.

      What I want to know is if we migrate to JBoss can we manage and monitor the performance of the system easily.

      For instance would we have to write extra code ? ( I have a feeling that the answer is yes, and it relates to JMX and MBeans but the only information I can find is very low level and / or abstract.

      The following is what we wish to achieve :

      1. Easy deployment of code conforming to the J2EE reference model.

      2. E-mail & some sort of console log notification of events, i.e. application has failed.

      3. Automation of restart for / of failed applications.

      So can JBoss 4 provide this and how much work do we have do ?

      Any pointers to any easy introduction preferably with examples would be most appreciated.