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    values not set on submit 3.1 (oct2) inside tab panel

    henrik lindberg Apprentice

      This problem is driving me nuts - this worked in 3.0, but not after upgrade to 3.1 snapshot

      I have a field/button that changes a value. The field and button are on a tab in a tabbed panel (there is only one tab right now). The entire tabPanel is wrapped in a form. (I have tried numerous combinations of placement of the form and field/button, but have not been able to make any combination work).

      When I change the text in the field, and press the button, and I can see that the POST is ok (as far as it contains the changed text), but on the server side I don't see this value being set, and the action method is not called.

      Can someone help me figure this one out. It is a blocking issue for me.