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    JBoss workload question

    Cory Hanna Newbie


      My company is looking at using JBoss to develop a data submission application that is web based. We're unsure though what JBoss's capabilities are with respect to work load and are trying to determine how many nodes we may need in a cluster (if we need any at all). We're looking at 50 to 60 companies uploading submission text files ranging in size from a few hundred kbs to 3 to 4 mbs. These files may all be uploaded at the same time during the month (a small peak period) after which JBoss is responsible for containing the application that will manipulate these files. Basically, the files will be uploaded then read using a java based application applying rules to the content, and communicating the results to the original submitter. We would also like to allow the user to choose whether they would like immediate feedback or not. The process is using queues to move the files through each process in the application.
      At this point in our project, we're looking for some current applications out there that are using JBoss and what sort of work load they are processing. Our current setup is a Linux box with an AMD 64 processor with 2gb of memory. We're using JBoss 4.0.0 and jdk 1.5 with a 64 bit jvm. Any suggestions on reading material/forum topics would be greatly appreciated.