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    Ian Strong Newbie

      Does JBoss 4.0.1 have a tool similar to SUN's AS 8 deploytool.
      I'm battling to get started. I'm using the J2EE 1.44 tutorial from SUN, but would like to deploy their samples on JBoss 4.0.1. By biggest frustration is the creation of deployment descriptors, ear's, war's and ejb jar's. I just need a pointer to tools and/or documentation. The getting started guide of JBoss has a Duke's Bank app., but with the dd already there.

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          Alexander Grossert Newbie

          I was wondering about that, too. I only found some statements that there isn't such a deploytool. I finally gave up looking for it and wrote my own build.xml files to create war and jar files including the creation of wsdl and mapping files.
          Still ejb-jar.xml and webservices.xml has to be written by hand. But I think the JBoss plugin for Eclipse might be able to do this for you.