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    using my own tables

    Maik Hassel Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I successfully went through the fibo tutorial, got everything to run, and extended the tutorial with an entity bean connecting to a mySQL database.

      Currently I am trying to convince JBoss to use MY table for the bean persistence instead of creating it's own - without much success! Everything works fine, but JBoss always creates a table with the same name as the class.

      My bean header is posted below.

      Any help is appreciated!!!!


      * @ejb.bean name="DBEntity"
      * display-name="Name for DBEntity"
      * description="Description for DBEntity"
      * jndi-name="ejb/DBEntity"
      * type="CMP"
      * cmp-version="2.x"
      * view-type="remote"
      * primkey-field = "userId"
      * @ejb.persistance
      * table-name="usertable";
      * @jboss:table-name="usertable";