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    Can session beans interact with each other??

    Fiona Healy Newbie


      i am using two databases A and B, one to pull data from (call it A) and the other to store this data (call it B).

      my application is supposed to generate reports
      so i have a fields EJB and a report EJB and 2 corresponding session beans

      These beans have a many to many unidirectional relationship
      a report has many fields and fields can be associated with many reports
      so i have a link in the application DB to represent this (B)

      I am accessing database A using JDBC in a Session bean called dataAccess

      How can i populate the fields EJB using the data in database A?

      Does the dataAccess session bean have to talk to the fields session bean?
      Can two session beans talk to each other and pass data to each other?

      please help!