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    CMR Many-Many relationship -> link table not populating

    Fiona Healy Newbie

      i have a scenario where there is a many to many unidirectional relationship. i.e. ReportEJB has many FieldEJB and FieldEJB can be associated with many ReportEJB. Reports need to know about fields but not the other way around

      I have followed numerous examples on how to configure both the jbosscmp file and the ejb-jar file in order for two beans to have a many-many uni-directional relationship. I think i have done this succesfully as no errors are being thrown.

      All my tables are building accordingly and i have my abstract accessors specified in both beans concerned but when i go to create a new report bean the link table is not populated.

      Does it matter that FieldEJB is already populated and has read-only access?

      Is there any examples out there with the actual manipulation of the data in the database as opposed to how to configure the META-INF files.

      Also can i use remote beans in these relationships or does it have to be local???

      please help