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    JBoss bind ConnectionFactory.

    Sam Verschooten Newbie


      I would like to write a JMS application, using the JBoss server, but I can't find out where to create new ConnectionFactory's (??in the JBose JMX Console??).

      I've used Sun's Application Server PE 8 and had no problems there but the JBoss server just doesn't seem to support this operation.

      Any help/info would be appreciated...

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          Chirag Patel Newbie

          You don't explicitly create the ConnectionFactory, it is created for you at start up time as long as you are using a server configuration that has JMS deployed. Which JBoss are you using?? Check your server configuration's deploy directory for deployment descriptors for JMS services. Alternatively, you can look at the JNDI view from the JMX-Console and look for ConnectionFactory to be bound to the global JNDI space. If it is bound, then all you have to do is look it up and look up your Topic/Queue and you're ready to go.