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    How to configure LocalEJB via XDoclet

    Sven Mackensen Newbie

      I have a Servlet which uses a LocalEJB Address. For the web.xml I configured this EJB like

      * @web.ejb-local-ref name="ejb/Adress"
      * type="Entity"
      * home="de.aukt.interfaces.AdressLocalHome"
      * local="de.aukt.interfaces.AdressLocal"

      and for JBoss

      * @jboss.ejb-local-ref ref-name="ejb/Adress"
      * jndi-name="ejb/Adress"

      However, in the jboss-web.xml the EJB Local Reference is missing. I do not know what is wrong here. How to configure a LocalEJB via XDoclet tags?


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          Sven Mackensen Newbie

          I still have no clue why the following xml tags


          are not generated automatically for jboss.web.xml.

          In my Servlet I set up these XDoclet tags:

          * Servlet Class
          * @web.servlet name="Kundendaten"
          * display-name="Kundendaten"
          * description="Description for Kundendaten"
          * @web.servlet-mapping url-pattern="/Kundendaten"
          * @web.ejb-ref name="ejb/Kunde"
          * type="Entity"
          * home="de.aukt.interfaces.KundeHome"
          * remote="de.aukt.interfaces.Kunde"
          * description="Reference to the Kunde EJB"
          * @web.ejb-ref name="ejb/Adresse"
          * type="Entity"
          * home="de.aukt.interfaces.AdresseHome"
          * remote="de.aukt.interfaces.Adresse"
          * @web.ejb-local-ref name="ejb/AdresseLocal"
          * type="Entity"
          * home="de.aukt.interfaces.AdresseLocalHome"
          * local="de.aukt.interfaces.AdresseLocal"
          * @jboss.ejb-ref-jndi ref-name="ejb/Kunde"
          * jndi-name="ejb/Kunde"
          * @jboss.ejb-ref-jndi ref-name="ejb/Adresse"
          * jndi-name="ejb/Adresse"
          * @jboss.ejb-local-ref ref-name="ejb/AdresseLocal"
          * jndi-name="ejb/AdresseLocal"

          But the <ejb-local-ref> is never put into jboss.web.xml... Is this probably a bug of XDoclet or do I misconfigure something here?


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            Jannis Kia Newbie

            I have the same problem. I read some other forum posts, and it seems to be a xdoclet error. I am curious if there is a fix to this.
            Anyone can help?


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              Vishal Sharma Expert

              Yr detailed answer lies here.
              This has been answered before on the mailing list.