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      Hi all,
      I'm new on this site and up until a week ago had never heard of JBOSS.

      I have been given the task of creating some sort of messaging service for my university as part of my final year dissertation in the uk.
      I am a little confused as to how I can create an application to send messages to mobiles using JMS. I will need to create the back end sender as well as the reciever on the Mobile phone. I have created the application using java before which runs on the pc but am unsure how to do this for phone applications especially as there would need to be some sort of recognition as to which devices the messags can be sent to?

      Does anybody have any advice for me? where can i start and how would you do this? Is JMS the best option? I personally thought it wasn't possible to integrate a JMS application into WAP until I came across the iBus//Mobile information? but am still unsure how this can be done or if it's possible.


      Habib Khan