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    MBeanProvider... JBoss 4.0.1RC2 and Axis 1.2RC2

    avi saxena Newbie

      I have a MBean that I want to use as an end point for some Axis services. I have done created the service and the web service is wirking great -- so is the MBean. However, the MBean and Axis are not sharing the instance of the MBean object -- JBoss instantiates the MBean at startup and Axis creates another instance when the first web service request arrives.

      I understand that I can use MBeanProvider to make Axis use MBean instance created by MBean container -- is that right?

      Where do I find the MBeanProvider.class file? I have looked in ALL jars that come with Axis AND JBoss. Also, I would really love to see a sample Axis deployment descriptor for this if anyone has one.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Please CC and responses to northex@gmail.com