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    The package javax.servlet.jat is missing

    Roded Hess Newbie

      javax.servlet.jar package is missing at jboss3.2.6/server/all/lib.
      It seems that the package shouild be extracted with the zipped file
      jboss-3.2.6.zip downloaded from jboss.com

      Please suggest a solution,

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          Steven Peh Newbie

          If youre having problems compiling, i.e. missing the servlet jars, you can get a copy of the jar in server/all/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/servlet-api.jar or if you have sun's j2ee distribution installed, adding the j2ee.jar into your classpath would work also. As for deploying your servlet you dont really need the jar as tomcat (which jboss uses as its servlet container) will have it..