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    Connecting to a JBoss cluster from a remote client using JND


      I've been looking all over the foruns, google and other and cant find an elegant way to do the following....

      Things I have:
      * JBoss cluster (3 + machines)
      * 100+ clients (all running on diferent computers = diferent VMs)

      Things I need:
      * High Availability for the clients (If a server goes down, the client most be able to connet to another server)

      My clients work well, I have a jndi.properties files, I can connect and do all the things that I need. But if one server goes offline, the clients connected to that server will not work. And manual changes will need to be done, in the jndi file or changing the settings of the context, Box By Box !!!!

      Is there a way to make a JNDI discovery or something like that? Something like the JBoss servers do when they are clustered.

      I know I can use an http context, al use a load balancer or something like that so I always get working jndi provider, but this is just nonsence !

      I would like to do something like this...
      java.naming.provider.url = methodToFindAvailableJNDIProviders()

      Is there a way to do this?

      Thanks before hand.