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    Roughly, how does standalone tomcat communicate with JBoss?

    erik rød Newbie


      I'm doing a project where we have to install an application to do measurements on it. The design requires a standalone tomcat 5 to run on one computer and the application-server on another.

      I've got them both working seperatly.

      The thing is that I'm quite new to both JBoss and Tomcat and I'm a bit unsure of how Tomcat finds JBoss and how they communicate.

      I've spent a few hours reading the forums and I'm a bit wiser than i was, but there's still quite a bit I don't fully understand.

      I don't need a detailed description of what to do, but a rough outline of which steps need to be taken to make them communicate would be much appreciated.

      Some more specific questions:
      The tomcat uses something called jk1.2.x connectors to communicate with the jboss-server when it's standalone?
      The tomcat accesses the EJBs by looking the up in the application servers JNDI. How does tomcat know which JNDI to look in (where are ip-adresses/port numbers specified?)?

      Any links comments or explanations that can get me started would help me very much (then I'll go bck to reading forums and googling to find out just how it's done).