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    exploded ear

    dannyb23 Newbie


      I have an exploded ear with some wars and jars inside.
      I have noticed that when i update one of the jsps then things are updated automatically however if i updated one of the classes in my jar then i needed to touch application.xml so that the changes will take effect, can the changes take effect immediately without touching applicaiton.xml?

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          dannyb23 Newbie

          anybody knows?

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            Raja Master

            The reason why jsps are working that way is because everytime a jsp page is invoked, its checked if the compiled version of the jsp is older than the jsp source and if so, it recompiles. i believe there is a flag to turn it off.
            As far as EARs are concerned, since they are a complete package, touching application.xml is the way to redeploy the package. You can find out what the Watched file is for redeployment by going to jmx-console/maindeployer/listDeployments and finding your ear archive and checking what the watchURL is.