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    Application clients

    Ian Mckay Newbie


      Im wanting to create a stand along java ap to communicate with my ejb, mdb J2EE application. Are there any tutorials on how to go about this. My book ive been learning J2EE on talks about the reference implementation only. Id like to get this working with Jboss, where does the client class file have to be located. Do i run it like a conventional java app. Ive read about the jboss-client.xml file and think i understand that.


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          pablogra Newbie

          This link is very usefull, but again, we lack of information and examples, a kind Duke's Bank application can be very cool.

          Can the JBoss team supply with a simple EJB and a standalone swing client?

          I guess something like this will be very easy for you guys, and will really help us get started.

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            pablogra Newbie

            Note: There a guide to install and run the Duke's Bank in JBoss, and all the code you need. I find that this is the problem, we get very large amounts of rich and COMPLEX Apps as demo apps. As I said before a simple EJB that adds two numbers and a basic Swing client will do, to provide a start.

            A beginner like me will get lost with all that code. Like the EJBGetter class in the Duke's Bank. I get the point on how it works... after three weeks !!!!

            Something like this should take not more than a few minutes... Also I believe that the documentation explain the technologies very good. I know what they do and can I make use of them, but how do I use them? Again all the examples more complex that needed.

            One large fully featured app is great, but alse a small set of how to files with CODE will help.