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    Help on JSP pages

    Nishant singh Newbie

      In this particular problem in JSP, I am getting a set of info from the cookie.
      (Till this point it is happening perfectly. )
      I need to set a new header in this JSP page having the name "IV_USER" if cookie name is "WebSSO_username and goto other JSP page.Here, The new header info which has to be set in this JSP page should not be lost.
      I have tried couple of options but it is not working.
      1. response.setHeader is not working for me.
      2. When i try this :

      String pageurl="http://xldn0634dap.ldn.swissbank.com:8080/sso/web/Test1.jsp";
      //String pageurl="http://xldn0634dap.ldn.swissbank.com:8080/itg/web/knta/global/Home.jsp";

      URL url = new URL(pageurl);
      URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
      conn.setRequestProperty("IV_USER", targHeadervalue);

      It is setting the header successfully, but when i try to goto new page using response.sendRedirect() or any other way, its looses the header info.