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    Question about the WebConsole Applet


      I noticed the JBoss 4.0.0+ console, the applet provided on
      http://localhost:8080/web-console/ is really fast and almost zero download. What is the source of this application mostly made up of. I would like to write similar applications, but dont want to include all the *.jars in the JBoss 'client' directory. Is this mostly socket code or are there custom lite libraries in this particular applet

      I think the application is called AppletBrowser?

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          It looks like we are invoking JBoss beans through HTTP, through the applet.

          the Invocation as a serialized MarshalledInvocation object. This is
          using the URL class for now but this should be improved to a cluster aware
          layer with full usage of HTTP 1.1 features, pooling, etc.