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    Open Source Migration

    Solomon Mammo Newbie


      I have a problem at hand, which I believe can be solved by implementing an Open Source solution. The IT department of the small non-profit organization I work for has been hijacked by a group of people whose only interest is to ?keep their jobs at any cost?. And they accomplish their main task by both hiding the specifications/requirements of the applications and by bombarding the organization with several useless and diversionary products from Microsoft, such as CMS, CRM, etc.

      Can anyone advice me on how to free this small non-profit organization, which has a noble cause, from these extremely selfish and inept people? My specific concerns are the follows:
      1) How to approach to safely and gradually relieve the organization from its dilemma
      2) How and what Open Source applications can I implement to support the organization without any operational and data compromise
      3) Where to seek support groups and consultants
      Please help!