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    how to deploy a Struts application in Jboss 4.0

    animesh sonkar Newbie

      I am doing a project on struts..through some reading i have come to know about deployment of struts in tomcat ..but i m not able to deploy the same on jboss 4.0.
      Can anybody help me for the same...


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          Claude Chaudron Newbie

          to make it short, you can not apply what is working with a standalone tomcat + struts project to a jboss one.
          JBoss manages Tomcat through a service. Just have a look at your deploy directory and the jbossweb-tomcat-5.0.sar subdirectory.
          See chapter 9 of the JBoss 4.0 documentation for a more detailed explanation of the JBoss/Tomcat 5 integration bundle.
          After that, no difficulty should occur if your .war file is correctly build. Please detail what kind of problem do you encounter if you want people to help you efficiently.