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    Problem with cursor cache

    Mauritz Viljoen Newbie

      I am running JBoss 4.0 with jdk1.4.2 and I am using microsoft jdbc driver.

      After Jboss is running for a couple of hours I get the following error:

      [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error setting up static cursor cache.

      I have googled alot and what I have found that the probable cause is that java do not have privallages to read or write to a directory.
      I added the tmp directory that is used by JBOSS to the
      java.policy file but it did not solve the problem.

      I have discovered that JBoss writes tmp files to
      Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp\

      The temp files are called scb_10992.tmp (scb_?????.tmp) and there are files created milliseconds after each other. The number of files just keeps growing. But the files are all empty, 0k. The files are all open and I cannot delete if if JBOSS is running. I think that this is the cause of this error, also previously the error started with
      Too many files open,
      then after a while it became
      Error setting up static cursor cache.

      Now I only get the Error setting up static cursor cache. error.
      The number of files in the tmp directory grow to about 2400 files(which are all opened by JBOSS) before the error occur.

      I have been struggling for days with this and cannot find a solution, I also am not sure why this occurs, and also if this is the right place to look for a solution.

      Please can anyone help