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    How can I access my CSS file?

    James Cicenia Newbie

      Hello -

      I have ported my application to run under jboss as a WAR file, and not matter where I put my static directory of images and stylesheets in my WAR file my pages just don't see it.

      I am referencing them like such: "/static/default.css".

      Where should my static directory go? I tried putting in under WEB-INF but that doesn't work.

      - j -

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          Matthew Robinson Newbie

          Have you tried referencing the static content directly by putting the full URL in the Browser address, i.e.;


          (This example presumes JBOSS is listening on port 8080 and your war file is deployed correctly and is called myApp.war)

          Are you fronting JBOSS with Apache? Have you set up the mod_jk properties to forward requests for this content to the JBOSS instance?

          Note that all things placed under WEB-INF are automatically hidden from the browser, so putting the directory under the root directory of your war file is OK.

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            James Cicenia Newbie

            That's weird... I can reference it directly! But still my app can't.. I don't even get any errors in my log.

            Any more ideas? Simple things like this drive me crazy, especially when I am such the newbie.

            Also, I am not using Apache currently for any of my development and test deployments.

            Thanks for responding.. next steps to check?